F***-Up, Move-up (in the Catholic Church, Anyway)

I read several religious sites and blogs and even have a couple loaded in my Google Reader.

One such blog is Divinity and Beyond (catchy name, eh? I like it), written by Susan Hogan/Albach. Her latest post as I write this one is about the Catholic priest/molestation scandals, specifically the coincidence of professional development that appears to be a direct result of the arrest of Rev. Daniel McCormack about 2 years ago.

The gist is that at least five church officials moved up the Vatican ladder including Cardinal Francis George who refused to remove McCormack from his ministry at the recommendation of the cardinal’s review board. This, after McCormack was first arrested but not charged. He went on to molest more little boys before ultimately being charged, convicted and sent to prison. Where’s Cardinal Francis George now? He’s the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The article goes on to reveal four other promotions of church officials that were associated with McCormack and new of his dastardly deeds.

Like Vjack is apt to say at Atheist Revolution: “you’ll know them by their deeds.”


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