New Domain for Breaking Spells

I’ve just set up a domain and imported this blog to so if you have me linked you might want to update that link.

I’m using a web hosting and domain registration service called and I really like what they do. If anyone else has been considering moving their blog to its own domain (say from WordPress or Blogspot), and you have questions about the process, drop me an email. I’ll be happy to share with you what I did & how I did it. Also, if you’re shopping for a host and need a domain name, is the way to go. I looked at a lot of different companies and this was the simplest. I also got some good feedback from friends that have used them.


2 Responses

  1. How great it is to find a blog of people who are honestly looking for answers. You people see only what is material; lots of Christian ideas are out of this world (and help us to live better in this world). Plato in his ‘Allegory of the Cave’ started it. Abbott, writer of ‘Flatland’, described contiguous dimensional worlds. ‘Techie Worlds’, available at, analyzes in a mechanistic sort of way. It looks at Christian concepts like Trinity, resurrection, judgment, soul, Satan and hell. Viewed dimensionally, those ideas make logical sense. That follows the pattern of science: examine phenomena in the light of a theory. When phenomena become more understandable, accept that theory.
    Throughout history mankind has experienced strange ideas and events: Wicca, Greek gods, Hindu pantheism, upturned corners on oriental temples, the sun dancing at Fatima. Materialists just deny them all. ‘Techie Worlds’, with its geometric understanding of worlds contiguous with ours, explains the structure of our real worlds. It is not accepted by bible thumpers and professional religious. They have faith. Instead it serves thinkers who are able to integrate sensible ideas.

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